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Are you lucky enough to own an Amiga A3000?

Have you considered your Amiga 3000 may be in need of a full recap of it's capacitors? Ensure it's reliability over the next decade with a Amiga 3000 Recap.


What is recapping?

As your Amiga 3000 ages, the capacitors are be prone to potentially leaking over time, remember these Amiga 3000's are 30+ years old so it’s a clever preventative measure to have the capacitors replaced.


What issues could be seen on your Amiga 3000 in the future without having new capacitors fitted?

• Sound problems

• Random rebooting

• Guru Meditation errors


Ordering our re-capping service is easy.

1. Click 'Add to Cart'.

​2. Make your payment using credit or debit card.

​3. Check your email inbox for details and instructions on how to package your machine and where to send it. (UK Mainland)

​4. Send your working motherboard to us with your name/address & receipt details.

​5. Sit back and wait a little while and you should receive your newly re-capped Amiga back from our workshop.


Work will be completed by a skilled engineer that has over 30 years of soldering experience and completed over 100 Amiga recaps in the past 7 years! Your machine is in very safe hands. 


*More information:


Feel free to email questions.

Amiga 3000 Recap Service

  • - This is not a repair service.

    - Your Amiga must be in working order.

    - We reserve the right to refuse a job with no explanation.

    - UK Mainland service only.

    - Can only be done if there has been no attempt to replace the capacitors previously.

    - Non fully-working boards may be returned to you along with a refund or we may discuss with you the option to first repair then recap your machine (fees may apply).

    - No visitors or drop-off's at this time.

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