The C64 Maxi & Mini Enhancer - Plug & Play Games Collection

The Unofficial C64 & C64 Mini Enhancer USB flashdrive.  'The best plug & play game collection available'.


Adds 900 Games to your inbuilt C64 Games Carousel.


- Stylish collectible tape case

- 32GB branded USB drive

- Enhance your C64 maxi/mini by adding hundreds of great games.

- Almost 900 x C64 Games with coverscans and descriptions.

- Virtually Plug & Play - Will add 900 games to your inbuilt C64 carousel.


  • You'll almost instantly have a C64 with the most awesome collection of all games that ever existed on the mighty Commodore 64. So many memories, so much fun!
  • All games are compatible with both THEC64 and C64 MMINI consoles.



  • 860 x C64 Games
  • 40 x Vic 20 Games as a Bonus
  • Total of 900 games from all regions of the World
  • Easily add hundreds of beloved C64 games to your new C64 maxi/mini collection


* When you remove the USB from theC64/C64mini your machine reverts back to normal.


AS SIMPLE AS PLUG & PLAY: Using The C64 Enhancer couldn't be simpler!   It is done in a few easy steps, then insert the dongle into a spare C64 mini/maxi USB port and click a couple of icons.


Includes our easy to follow guide, you'll be up and playing in no-time.


  • As with the original C64 some games take a long time to load (some up to a whole 2 minutes). You will see the loading screen flashing, just like on the original C64... but games load a lot faster.


This is perfect for tech-novices or anyone wanting a stress free life... All the hassle and pains of configuring and getting new games on your C64 Maxi or C64 Mini have been taken care of.


Don't want this great-looking collectors item? Don't want to own this awesome looking product? Then you can download C64 games for free from various sites, including:  |

The C64/C64 Mini Enhancer [USB Flash Drive]

SKU: C64USB32(125g)+pen+sticker
PriceFrom £21.00
  • What are you paying for and what's included?

     ~ A genuine Kingston branded top-quality 32GB USB stick

     ~ A brand new crystal cassette case

     ~ Awesome professionally printed artwork

     ~ Printed instructions/user guide

     ~ A full-colour C64 vinyl sticker

     ~ A Commodore logo'd pen

     ~ Our time to configure and test this freely available software

     ~ Inclusive of UK delivery (large letter)

  • Is your Firmware not updating?

    Your C64 MINI may need it's firmware updated with the official firmware update first. Simply 'FACTORY RESET' your C64MINI/MAXI first, then using your PC, download and install the official update onto your C64MINI/MAXI...

    You can check and download official firmware updates at:


    Just copy the downloaded file to the root of a clean FAT32 formatted usb stick, then proceed to install it on your C64MAXI/MINI... Now simply install the C64 Enhancer update.