The C64 Maxi & Mini Enhancer - Plug & Play Games Collection

The C64 & C64 Mini Enhancer USB Drive.  The best unoffical plug & play game collection


- Enhance your C64 maxi/mini by adding hundreds of great games.

- Almost 900 x C64 Games with coverscans and descriptions.

- 32GB USB drive*

- Plug & Play - Add around 900 games to your C64 carousel.


  • You'll instantly have a C64 with the most awesome collection of all games that ever existed on the mighty Commodore 64. So many memories, so much fun!
  • All games are compatible with both The C64 and C64 Mini console.


  • 860 x C64 Games
  • 40 x Vic 20 Games as a Bonus
  • Total of 900 games from all regions of the World
  • Easily add hundreds of beloved C64 games to your new C64 maxi/mini collection by simply inserting the dongle into the back USB port.


SIMPLE PLUG & PLAY: Using The C64 Enhancer couldn't be simpler! It is done in 3 easy steps. Just insert the dongle into a spare C64 mini/maxi USB port and you're almost there.


Includes our easy to follow guide, you'll be up and playing in just a couple of minutes.


  • As with the original C64 some games take a long time to load (some up to a whole 2 minutes). You will see the loading screen flashing, just like on the original C64... but games load alot faster.


Are you too tight-fisted to buy this awesome collectors item? Don't want to own this awesome looking product? Then you can download C64 games for free from either of these sites:  |

The C64/C64 Mini Enhancer [USB Flash Drive]

SKU: C64USB32(120g)