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The Unofficial C64 & C64 Mini Enhancer USB flashdrive.  'The best plug & play game collection available'.


The C64/C64 Mini Enhancer [USB Flash Drive] is the perfect way to get the most out of your C64 Maxi/C64 Mini gaming experience. With this USB Flash Drive you can easily add extra games to your existing collection. Enjoy hours of retro gaming on your C64 Maxi. This Enhancer is an absolute must-have for any C64 Maxi/C64 Mini owner


Adds 900 Extra Games to your inbuilt C64 Games Carousel.


- Stylish collectible tape case

- 32GB branded USB drive

- Enhance your C64 maxi/mini by adding hundreds of great games.

- Almost 900 x C64 Games with coverscans and descriptions.

- Virtually Plug & Play - Will add 900 games to your inbuilt C64 carousel.


  • You'll almost instantly have a C64 with the most awesome collection of all games that ever existed on the mighty Commodore 64. So many memories, so much fun!
  • All games are compatible with both THEC64 and C64 MINI consoles.



  • 860 x C64 Games
  • 40 x Vic 20 Games as a Bonus
  • Total of 900 games from all regions of the World
  • Easily add hundreds of beloved C64 games to your new C64 maxi/mini collection


* When you remove the USB from theC64/C64mini your machine reverts back to normal.


AS SIMPLE AS PLUG & PLAY: Using The C64 Enhancer couldn't be simpler!   It is done in a few easy steps, then insert the dongle into a spare C64 mini/maxi USB port and click a couple of icons.


Includes our easy to follow guide, you'll be up and playing in no-time.


  • As with the original C64 some games take a long time to load (some up to a whole 2 minutes). You will see the loading screen flashing, just like on the original C64... but games load a lot faster.


This is perfect for tech-novices or anyone wanting a stress free life... All the hassle and pains of configuring and getting new games on your C64 Maxi or C64 Mini have been taken care of.

The C64/C64 Mini Enhancer [USB Flash Drive]

Out of Stock
  • What are you paying for and what's included?

     ~ A genuine Kingston branded top-quality 32GB USB stick

     ~ A brand new crystal cassette case

     ~ Awesome professionally printed artwork

     ~ Printed instructions/user guide

     ~ A full-colour C64 vinyl sticker

     ~ A Commodore logo'd pen

     ~ Our time to configure and test this freely available software

     ~ Inclusive of UK delivery (large letter)

  • Is your Firmware not updating?

    Your C64 MINI may need it's firmware updated with the official firmware update first. Simply 'FACTORY RESET' your C64MINI/MAXI first, then using your PC, download and install the official update onto your C64MINI/MAXI...


    You can check and download official firmware updates at:



    Just copy the downloaded file to the root of a clean FAT32 formatted usb stick, then proceed to install it on your C64MAXI/MINI... Now simply install the C64 Enhancer update.

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