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The Zipstick Super Pro Joystick. This yellow buttoned super-tough joystick uses micro-switches with the option of triple fire action!


The ZIPSTIK Super Pro Joystick is the ultimate retro gaming experience. Its classic design features a smooth, responsive 8-way directional stick and two action buttons for a classic gaming feel. It's also compatible with all popular retro platforms, including C64 & Amiga. With its ergonomic design, you'll be able to enjoy hours of gaming without straining your hands. The ZIPSTIK Super Pro Joystick is the perfect choice for retro-gamers of all ages.


Compatible with Amstrad, Atari VCS / ST / 400 / 800 / XE / XL , Commodore 64,  Vic 20 , Amiga, and Sinclair Spectrum (with an interface)

ZIPSTIK Super Pro Joystick

PriceFrom £35.00

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