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Wizball C64 - A true classic Commodore 64 Game. 100% genuine original release from late 80's. C64 Wizball is one of the C64's most loved games with awesome visuals and truly great music and sound.


About this game:

After the evil Zark has deprived Wizworld of all colours, Wizard Wiz and his cat Nifta take off to make their grey world coloured again.


Wizworld consists of several layers between which the wizard and his cat can switch via tubes and craters. In each layer various enemies are lurking, but also the colour drops in demand. Those drops first have to be shot by the wizard before the can be collected by the cat.


This is not quite as easy as it may appear; Wiz starts his quest alone. At the beginning, he can only bounce up and down with his Wizball in a rather uncoordinated manner. With some upgrades shaped like pearls and activated with joystick wiggling you can enhance his manoeuvrability, get some extra weaponry and finally conjure up the little pussy-cat, who can either be controlled by keeping your trusty fire button pushed down or by a second player via the other joystick port.


In each level you have to mix a certain colour. Usually you have to visit several layers, because you only get the basic colours and have to combine them. The layers only provide drops of a certain colour.

When the needed colour drops are collected, a bonus level is launched, providing upgrades, score and even extra lives if you hang on long enough without collision.


After the bonus level Wiz mixes the colours in his house, while Nifta refreshes herself. During this sequence the player may chose a permanent upgrade which remains active even after the loss of a life.


- The ingame soundtrack is one of the best, most immersive you will find


- Complete: Yes

- Condition: 8.6/10

- Tested: Yes

- Sold as shown



Original Commodore 64 / 128

Wizball for Commodore 64 (Cassette) by Ocean

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