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A super sleek classic game for the Commodore 64 - 100% genuine original release from 1986.


About this game:

Thrust is an arcade game by Firebird from 1986. It is based on the arcade machine "Gravitar". The player's task is to recover a ball by tow line from a cave system. The gravitation and hostile cannonry aggravate this.


Well, it's bad luck for the galactic rebels: they have finally made it to save enough for battle ships for the fight against the Imperium, when they suddenly remember that they do not have any fuel! So one of them is sent out to get the needed fuel.


This stuff named "Klystron" is kept in hollowed planets, that are heavily guarded by imperial cannonry. And if this was not already difficult enough, another problem, the good old gravitation joins in. Manoeuvring through the angled caves becomes at the latest a nightmare when you have finally made it to tear one of the much sought-after balls from its mooring with a tow line.


Now you have to steer even more carefully and advisedly, because the smallest jerky movements carry on to the freely swinging load and you yourself or the ball will crash at a wall faster than you can look, and both is deadly.


Back at the surface you then give enough thrust to disappear from the planet with the ball. 


Developed by Jeremy C. Smith

Published by Firebird

Music by Rob Hubbard


- Complete: Yes

- Condition: 8/10

- Tested: Yes

- Sold as shown



Original Commodore 64 / 128

Thrust for C64 (Cassette) by Firebird

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