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The Superb TF330 (Terrible Fire 330) 50mhz 68030 accelerator for Commodore Amiga CD32 by Stephen Leary.


Add an accelerator/64mb ram expansion and Pre-configured SD (harddrive) to your Amiga CD32 with the ability of also adding a PS/2 Keyboard.


 - Genuine 68030RC50C ceramic CPU, tested and stable @50MHz
 - 64MB Fast RAM.
 - Updatable firmware via JTAG.
 - Pre-configured 32GB SanDisk SD card, cable and SD2 IDE adapter.

 - CD32 riser with PS/2 keyboard support

 - Amiga RGB 23 pin video output.

 - 3D Printed Cover (in black)

TF330 68030 Accelerator & 64mb Ram For Amiga CD32

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