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A Perspex Transparent TAPECART SD Card Reader for Commodore 64 - Faster than Tapuino, SD2IEC, PI1541 C64


This TAPECART SD for Commodore 64 with 8GB SD card is perfect for any Commodore 64 user. It's easy to use and games can be loaded in seconds with its superfast loading. All you need to do is plug it in and you're ready to go. No more waiting around for tape drives to work - Our stylish TAPECART SD makes loading games and software a breeze.

Tapecart is similar to TAPuino but it doesn't load TAP files, It loads PRG & TCRT files instead, at incredibly fast speeds!


- There's no tiny buttons, No additional Power required... Just Plug'n'Play


You use the built in browser to easily find what you want. Just plug in and TAPECART is ready to go. Hit SHIFT/RUN-STOP and the easy access Tapecart SD menu appears within 10 seconds, choose the game you want and hit enter!


The package includes:

- TAPECART MicroSD reader unit.

- Preformatted 8GB, ready to use Micro SD Card

- MicroSD USB card reader

- Quick start guide


Choice of colours

* Transparent Red

* Transparent Black (Misty Grey)

* Florescent Yellow

* Transparent Blue

* Clear


TAPECART Production Notes

- Hardware is the slimmed down Tapuino by sweetlilmre.

- Software is the Tapecart by Unseen and Enthusi.

- Tapecart SD is a fork of tapecart that adds SD card support using the Tapuino by KimJorgensen.

- DraBrowse by Draco.


This is a simple, easy to use and super-quick SD card reader for Commodore 64.

It reads single load .PRG files which covers the majority of C64 software aswell as TCRT files.

TAPECART SD for Commodore 64 with 8GB SD Card

  • Does this come pre-loaded with PRG game-files?

    The supplies 8gb SD card is configured, ready to use and we've included a handful of pd games to get you started.


    How can I add more PRG game-files that I have downloaded?

    Just drag & drop them onto the SD card via your PC


    Can I convert D64 files into PRG files.

    D64 files are Disk images and PRG files are individual programs, however the very nifty d64 Editor or DirMaster will extract all PRG files from a C64 disk image so you can use them with the PRGress:  See  dirmaster and d64editor.


    Does it work with PET,VIC20,C16,C Plus 4,C128?
    It works with the Commodore 64 only.


    We offer no support for these 3rd party applications.

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