Shabby Chic 'Rustic Design' Commodore 64

A very cool Commodore 64 with a Vintage Shabby Chic finish!

Professionally Refurbished, Serviced, Tested, Cleaned, Primed, Sprayed and Sealed!


"This is one hell of a beautiful machine"


- Unique eye-catching rustic crackle finish Commodore 64

- UK Specification PAL machine
- Modern Nano SID chip

- Modern PLA replacement

- Partially Heatsinked

- Original C64 colour but with an awsome cracked finish

- Switchable Jiffydos pre-installed

- Colour-changing power LED


** UK orders include the original Commodore PSU **



- Optional TAPECART SD with 8GB SD Card

- Optional C64 to AV TV Scart cable

- Optional Joystick


Fully Tested...
We test the machine fully before despatch and whilst building.

- Video.. tested

- Cables.. tested

- Cartridge Port.. tested
- Keyboard.. tested
- Sound / SID chip.. tested
- SD2IEC / Tapecart external adapter.. tested
- Power Supply.. tested
- Joysticks.. tested


* Includes original PSU with UK orders

* New design power supply available seperately here

Shabby Chic 'Rustic Design' Commodore 64

PriceFrom £190.00
  • It's an awesome low-cost addon that allows you to load .PRG game files within seconds. We'll include a heap of .PRG files on the SD card to get you started!

  • Available from stock. This is a one-off specification. Shipping is available worldwide, but remember this is a UK spec machine (PAL with 230v/240v PSU) * Shipping to USA and other countries that do not directly support PAL will not come with any after-sales technical support.