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An Assortment of Thread Forming Screws for Amiga & Commodore 64.

Available in  mixed packs of 10, 20,30,50 or 100


We'll always include some extras free!


You'll generally receive a good mix of these:

  - M2.6 x 6mm

  - M2.6 x 8mm

  - M2.6 x 10mm
  - M3 x 6mm

  - M3 x 8mm

  - M3.5 x 8mm

  - M3 x 10mm

  - M3 x 12mm

  - M4 x 10mm


 * Colour & Contents may vary. Image for illustration only.

Replacement Screws for Amiga & C64

PriceFrom £3.00
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