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Compact external Amiga Gotek Drive with pre-installed FlashFloppy v3.x, designed for Amiga 500, 600, and 1200 models. Simply plug in and play - it's all set up and ready to go!


- Small dimensions of 64mm x 53mm, ensuring compatibility with other Amiga ports
- Lightweight design at only 46g
- Pre-installed with Flashfloppy 3.x firmware for immediate use
- Equipped with a 23 PIN Connector for direct connection to the Amiga Disk Drive port, eliminating the need for extra cables
- Powered directly from the Amiga Disk Drive port, eliminating the need for an additional power supply
- Features a high-quality 3D printed case with easy access to three buttons
- Includes a red LED indicator and a 0.96 OLED screen in dual colors


Simply plug in your Mini Compact Gotek to the Amiga Disk Drive port, insert the provided FAT32 formatted USB Pendrive, and power on.


To start up your Amiga 500, 600, or 1200 using the Gotek external drive connected to the Disk Drive port, simultaneously press the left and right mouse buttons while powering on your computer. Then select DF1 from the boot menu. For an Amiga 500, a boot selector is required to enable booting from this external mini Gotek drive on the DF1: device.


When plugged into the disk drive port, the Mini Gotek Drive is identified as a secondary Floppy Drive (DF1:), while connecting it to an external floppy drive allows it to be recognised as DF2: or DF3:.


Box Contains 
* 1 x Mini External Gotek Drive for use as DF1: DF2: or DF3:
* 1 x USB Flash Drive

* 1 x DVD containing 1600 classic PD Amiga games in ADF format.


Rotary version available from us here.


* All images are for illustration, USB flash drive may differ.

Mini External Amiga Gotek USB Flash Drive

  • This drive is setup for Amiga's. 

    Here's how to add ADF files to the USB stick and a few other tips.

    - Simply download a few ADF files from sites like:

    - Drag & drop a hand full of ADF's to the USB stick on your PC... (don't be tempted to copy 100's)

    - This drive is configured to load Amiga ADF files.

  • New USB flashdrive? You may want to consider downloading this software:

    Just copy these 2 files from the archive into the root of your USB pendrive:

    - HxC_Compat_Mode/Amiga/AUTOBOOT.HFE

    - HxC_Compat_Mode/HXCSDFE.CFG

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