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Mini Amiga 500, 500+, 600 and 1200 Gotek Floppy Drive Emulator with Rotary Selector.

A compact external Amiga Gotek Drive. Plug'n'Play!  We've already set it up ready to work on your Amiga!


- Compact size - the width only 53 mm (won't interfere with other ports)
- Weight - only 57g
- Already flashed to Flashfloppy 3.x firmware.
- Connected directly to Disk Drive port (no additional cable required)
- Powered directly from Disk Drive port (no additional power supply required)
- Comes with 3D printed case
- 0.96" OLED screen


All you need to do is connect your Mini Compact Gotek into your Amiga Disk Drive port and plug-in the supplied FAT32 formatted USB Pendrive, and switch on!

This version of the Mini Gotek Drive will be recognised as a second Floppy Drive (DF1:) when connected to the disk drive port and on A500+/A600/A1200 you can boot from it!


Box Contains 
* 1 x Mini External Gotek Drive for use as DF1:
* 1 x USB Flash Drive

* 1 x DVD containing extra 1600 classic PD Amiga games


* All images are for illustration: USB flash drive may differ.

Mini External Amiga Gotek Drive with Rotary

  • This drive is setup for Amiga's. 

    Here's how to add ADF files to the USB stick and a few other tips.

    - Simply download a few ADF files from sites like:

    - Drag & drop a hand full of ADF's to the USB stick on your PC... (don't be tempted to copy 100's)

    - This drive is configured to load Amiga ADF files.

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