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Very nice updated Amiga 600 for Sale | Available from stock!

Cleaned, Reconditioned Amiga 600, Internal Gotek with OLED Display and ADF USB stick, with awesome modded black keyboard ready to use!



- UK Specification PAL machine

- Recapped Motherboard

- Clean Commodore Amiga 600

- Modded Black Keyboard

- 2-tone Metallic Green & Black case

- Kickstart 2.05 (supports upto 4GB harddrives)

- Internal GOTEK drive with USB flashdrive & OLED display

- USB Flash stick (Ready 2 Go!)

- Bonus CD-ROM with 1000 ADF files included (just copy to the USB stick)

- Free Amiga compatible mouse

- Free Power Supply Unit* (Original Commodore Power-Supply with UK, European & Australian, NZ orders unless new psu ordered)


Also Consider:

 Scart RGB Video Cable

 New PSU

 Amiga Joystick



  - Machine as Described : Recapped A600 with Gotek

  - Machine, Gotek, 9.5mb ram and 4GB Compact Flash

  - Machine, Gotek, 9.5mb Furia 020 Accelerator & 4GB Compact Flash


- Brand New Power Supply for UK, EU, AUS & USA users available separately .


* Please allow around 5 days for order processing if you require extra ram/accelerator to be installed.

'Green Dream' Amiga A600 | Gotek & OLED display

PriceFrom £495.00
Out of Stock
  • Cleaned and Reconditioned Amiga 600

    Internal Gotek USB drive with OLED display