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JetPilot - FLIGHT SIMULATOR. JetPilot features the Lockheed F-104 and the English Electric Lightning. Take to the skies in this incredibly realistic 3d flight simulator, whether you are a novice pilot or an experienced enthusiast this title will satisfy your craving for reality. The control methods are as simple or as complicated as you like, either way they perform within 10% of the real thing. As well as practice and situation flying you will also be required to successfully complete some 20 qualification missions where a high level of concentration and situation awareness is required to successfully intercept targets from Scotland to the Mediterranean.




These items are new-old stock from packaging and distribution rights that Vulcan sold to Forematt  Home Computing many years ago and recently found in storage.


- Item sent flat-packed to help protect the game box.

- Suitable for use on any classic Amiga.

JETPilot [Amiga Game]



  • These are Genuine & Original NEW OLD STOCK, These are stock that Vulcan sold off to Forematt Home Computing along with the rights to continue duplication some years ago, These are from that stock.... They may be supplied on NEW Blue, White, Pink or Black disks.

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