Commodore c64c mainboard motherboard

A replacement fully tested main board for the Commodore 64.


- Tested using a diagnostic cartridge, looped for one hour - all tests pass.

- Video output via scart cable is crisp and colours are sharp. (RF untested).

- Tested with SID sound-chip.

- Edge connectors and cartridge port have been thoroughly cleaned.
- Power switch has been cleaned.

Choice of boards for the C64c and the Breadbin C64.

The C64c board can be fitted into either style case^, where as the larger board will only fit the breadbin case.


And incase you already have a good SID chip to hand, you have a choice of with or without the SID chip (Sound Chip)


^ The C64c board can fit either case but not all screw holes match up to the holes in the breadbin-case.


* Images are representative of board supplied

* SID Chip will be modern replacement Nano SwinSID

* These are the superior PAL boards.

Fully Refurbished C64 Motherboard [with SID Chip Options]

PriceFrom £40.00