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For Sale: A replacement fully tested main board for the Commodore 64.


If you are looking for a Commodore 64 motherboard, then this lovingly refurbished C64 motherboard may be what you are after. 

- Tested using a diagnostic cartridge, looped for one hour - all tests pass.

- Video output via scart cable is crisp and colours are sharp. (RF untested).

- Tested with a SID sound-chip.

- Edge connectors and cartridge port have been thoroughly cleaned.
- Power switch has been cleaned.

Choice of boards for the C64c and the Breadbin C64.

The C64c board can be fitted into either style case^, where as the larger board will only fit the breadbin case.


Add your own SID chip or order with our a Nano SwinSID chip or genuine Commodore SID chip.


^ The C64c board can fit either case but not all screw holes match up to the holes in the breadbin-case.


* Images are representative of board supplied

* Some chips may or may not be socketed.

* SID Chip options

* These are PAL motherboards.


Our socketed test-board motherboard is perfect for tesing chips. Contains no major chips, just those shown.

Fully Refurbished C64 Motherboard [with SID Chip Options]

PriceFrom £59.00
  • This is a UK specification board (PAL with 220v-240v that uses a 50hz PSU) So will work in most countries. Shipping to the USA and other countries that do not directly support PAL / 220v-240v will only come with very limited after-sales technical support / warranty. 

    These boards work in the USA when using a HD TV with a scart, RCA, S-Video or Chroma-Luma cable and an appropriate power-supply (available separately).    If you have questions or concerns, please ask for advice.

    See our PAL v NTSC page for more details.

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