Epyx Fast Load Cartridge Commodore 64

Epyx Fast Load allows programs to load from the Commodore 1541 disk drive and SD2IEC devices at 2,500 bytes per second, approximately five times faster than the normal speed.


Since it is stored on a cartridge, and thus provides instant access without requiring any hardware modification of the C64 or the disk drive, the Fast Load is a very popular peripheral among C64 users.


In addition to disk acceleration, the cartridge also provides a built-in version of the Commodore DOS Wedge. This dramatically reduces the number of keystrokes needed to load or save files or perform disk operations, and makes the cartridge even more convenient.


*Disk loading speeds on a Commodore 64 are painful, but not once you have one of these! Loads the average game in less than 8 seconds*


Full instructional guide included.


** Simple to use, just plug it, Press C= Key and Run/Stop to boot from SD2IEC or Disk **

Epyx Fastload Cartridge for C64