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Directory Opus, or DOpus as it is more affectionately known is a dual-panelled file manager.

What sets DOpus apart from all its closest 'rivals' is that it is highly customisable.  With little knowledge you can add support for opening any kind of document or file that you have a player for, like images, sound files etc.


DOpus is much more than just a 'file-opener' though with it you can perform all manner of operations that make file management straightforward and easy as it could possibly be.  You can copy, delete or rename files and folders from any device you may have setup; that device could be another computer on your local area network or even a remote site via FTP or your actual Amiga.


- Now supports CF0: at boot-up (A600/A1200)

- Copy, rename, move, delete files easily

- Setup actions to buttons to acheive whatever you desire


This disk is suitable for the Commodore Amiga range of computers (Amiga 500, A500+ , Amiga 600, Amiga 1200, etc) as this version will work with the full range of Amiga computers that have a 68000 processor or later.  


- Recognises and is able to transfer files to and from your CF or SD card in your adaptor which slots into your PCMCIA port.


This is an essential utility to have if you own an Amiga.

DOpus / Directory Opus 4.12 with CF0: Support (Amiga Disk)



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