Deluxe Paint 5 Amiga CD  25th Anniversary

The DeluxePaint® series combination of powerful painting tools and intuitive interface has made it a multiple award-winner on the Amiga.


25th Anniverary Re-Imagined Artwork

DeluxePaint V gives you all the benefits of earlier versions, plus a complete range of stunning new features.

- ARexx, ARexx Macros - Full ARexx support allows macro recording and complex scripting for most DeluxePaint operations.

- 24 bit RGB True Colour support.


- Multiple Palette/Variable Frame Animations - Gives the user unparalleled control of Animation frame colour and speed.


- Texture Backgrounds/Media Types - Easy to use, flexible features give your artwork a more realistic look. Includes over 50 textures.


- Camera Moves - this amazing Animation feature allows the user to create animated camera pans and/or zooms with ease.


- Over 40 new features or enhancements in all areas of the program -  LightTable, Gradient fades, Animboard™ printing and much, much more.


Option of professionally printed 209 page user-manual



* Developed by Electronic Arts 1995

* Distributed by Guildhall Leisure 1998

* Artwork re-imagined 2020 by

DeluxePaint V - Deluxe Paint 5 (Amiga CD-ROM)

PriceFrom £10.00
  • SUITABLE FOR: AMIGA A500+, A600, A1200, A2000, A3000, A4000 - AGA Chipset is required for enhanced modes.

    REQUIRED: 2Mb+ RAM, Kickstart 2.04 or greater. CD-ROM drive, Hard drive. RECOMMENDED: A1200 / A4000 (AGA Chipset) 4mb+ RAM, Accelerator.