Custom Amiga 600

A Very Unique Commodore Amiga 600, We'll Build It Just for You!



- Unique eye-catching two-tone Commodore A600

- 2mb of Chip RAM as standard (Optional additional Fast RAM)

- UK specification PAL machine
- Optional addon-on's and extras

- Optional internal or external Gotek USB ADF Drive

     (with OLED disply and rotary selector)

- Optional re-capping service

Have your perfect classic Amiga 600 built for you.

- Unique eye-catching A600

- UK Specification PAL machine


Cleaned, Primed, Sprayed and Sealed! - Looking all nice and new!


- Unique eye-catching Commodore Amiga 600

- UK Specification PAL machine
- Internal Hard drive (CF) Ready 2 Run

- Optional additional Fast RAM (2mb Chip RAM as standard)

- Harddrives are pre-Installed with Magic Workbench

- Whdload PD Games pre-Installed  (1000's)

- Essential classic Amiga utilities pre-installed


Don't forget any extras you may need like a Mouse, Joystick or PSU.


* Optional Essentials:

- Optional UK Power supply for A600
- Optional Amiga to AV TV cable (3 RCA / Scart) for better quality picture.

- Optional Joystick & Mouse

- Optional PCMCIA File Transfer Kit (transfer ADF's and other files from your PC to your Amiga, Includes PCMCIA Adaptor, Software and Compact Flash Card)

- Optional discounted re-capping at the time of purchase.

- Optional internal or external Gotek USB ADF Drive (with OLED disply and rotary selector)


Fully Tested...
We test the machine fully whilst building it and before despatching it to you.

* Cables.. tested
* All Ports.. tested

* Disk Drive.. tested
* Keyboard.. tested
* Sound.. tested
* Power Supply.. tested
* Joystick.. tested

* Extras.. tested


We can achieve almost any colour. Just tell us what colour A600 you'd like, you can even choose the original beige if you like.... For best results we will always try and do metallic colours. eg: Metallic Pink, Metallic Green, Metallic Purple, Gun Metal Grey, Metallic Blue etc.


Cleaned, Primed, Sprayed and Sealed! - Looking all nice and new!


Your machine may take around 21 Days to be built, tested and shipped.

Custom Built Amiga 600 [choice of colour and specs]

PriceFrom £219.00
  • This is a UK specification machine (PAL with 220v-240v that uses a 50hz PSU) So will work in most countries. Shipping to the USA and other countries that do not directly support PAL / 220v-240v will only come with very limited after-sales technical support / warranty. 

    These machines/boards work in the USA when using a HD TV with scart cable and an appropriate power-supply (available separately).    If you have questions or concerns, please ask for advice.

    See our PAL v NTSC page for more details.

    We build this machine to your requirements, and as such may take additional time to test and ship. All images and screenshots are for illustration.