Amiga SCART Cable

Suitable for all Commodore Amiga computer systems - fitted with the 23 way RGB video port connector and plugs straight into the 21-pin scart socket on your television. *Cable colours may differ.


Includes additional components fitted for best possible picture quality and compatibility with all types of television:  Plasma, LCD, LED and CRT.

- Provides full stereo audio on all televisions equipped with stereo speakers.

- Built and tested in the UK

- Suitable for PAL & NTSC Amiga's


Compatible with the following systems:

Commodore Amiga A500 / A500 +
Commodore Amiga A600 / A600HD
Commodore Amiga A1000
Commodore Amiga A1200 / A1200HD
Commodore Amiga A1500
Commodore Amiga A2000
Commodore Amiga A3000
Commodore Amiga A4000
Commodore Amiga CDTV



- 2 Metres of flexible screened video cable
- 21 Pin Euro Scart plug & stereo audio 
- 23-way D-sub socket video plug modified to fit Amiga RGB port
- Stereo audio cable

- Cable colour is most likelyto be black

High Quality Amiga RGB Scart TV Cable [2m Amiga to Scart]