8 in 1 C64 Dead Test Diagnostics Cart cartridge

Commodore C64 C64C 8 in 1 Dead Test - Diagnostic Cartridge.


This superb cartridge is fully-loaded 8 in1 diagnostic cartridge to help troubleshoot and repair Commodore 64's.

The eprom is pre-programmed with a range of diagnostic and test software.


- CBM 781220 - Dead Test
- 1541 Disk Diagnostic - World of Jani
- CBM 586220+ - Diagnostic*
- C64 Diagnostic & Test
- ROM Bypass (J Lander)
- Doctor 64 Diagnostic
- 64 Doctor Keyboard Tester
- C64 CBM Burn-in Test


*586220+ is also compatible with the c64 Test Harness (Not Included)

This cartridge uses high quality turned pin sockets and ST Brand uv eprom,

With easy to use dip-switches and comes with the quickstart information to set the cartridge for each program.


- Eight diagnostic applications

- Simple to follow user-guide

- Green Led to indicate 5v current is working.

- Built in reset-button

C64 Diagnostic & Dead Test Cartridge (8 in 1)

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