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All the essential addon's for your newly refurbished Commodore 64.


Choose from:

- Brand New C64 Power Supply, Available for UK, EU, AUS and US) *7-14 days delivery.

- A/V TV cable (we'll include a scart adaptor for free)

- Atari Style Retro joystick (Brand New)

- Tapecart SD (with 8GB ready-to-go SD card)


** These items should only be ordered at the same time as purchasing one of our customised Commodore 64's.

C64 Optional Extra's **

PriceFrom £10.00
  • TAPECART is an awesome low-cost addon that allows you to load .PRG files within seconds. We'll include a heap of .PRG game files on the SD card to get you started!  No more slooow cassette loading!

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