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C64 Motherboard standoffs for the c64 breadbin case, to replace cracked, broken or missing standoffs in the bottom of breadbin cases. 


Replacements for built-in case standoffs that attach the motherboard on a Commodore 64. Cut off old standoffs, sand smooth then attach these standoffs with epoxy/super glue. Be sure to align with the holes in the case. 


- Extra wide on the bottoms to ensure enough surface area to glue.

- Full set of 7 for all Breadbin models

C64 Breadbin Case Replacement Standoffs [PCB Mounts]

  • 1. Sand down what is left of the broken standoffs. 

    2. Apply glue to one standoff at a time and push firmly onto each standoff location being aware of the exact hole location.

    Allow adequate time for the glue to set before fixing your machine back together.

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