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Bograts - PLATFORM PUZZLER. It isn't easy being a parent, as any Bograt will tell you, especially when your two delightful offspring have decided to go off on an adventure when you thought they were safely tucked up in bed. Having taken their bedtime story very much to heart your children have decided to visit that awfully dangerous place, the mystical castle of Bog, in order to find the magical eggs that have so evaded everybody else. As a dutiful parent it is your task to guide the troublesome pair through the castle and safely home again.




These items are new-old stock from packaging and distribution rights that Vulcan sold to Forematt  Home Computing many years ago and recently found in storage.


- Item sent flat-packed to help protect the game box.

- Suitable for use on Amiga A1200 & A4000

Bograts [Amiga Game]



  • These are Genuine & Original NEW OLD STOCK, These are stock that Vulcan sold off to Forematt Home Computing along with the rights to continue duplication some years ago, These are from that stock.... They may be supplied on NEW Blue, White, Pink or Black disks.

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