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Play your favourite Amiga games from a USB flashdrive.

This stylish black or white Gotek device is a replacement drive for your Amiga 500, Amiga 600 or Amiga 1200 and provides a superior 'emulated' DF0: floppy-drive unit that reads ADF files as real Amiga floppy disks.


Our internal  Amiga Gotek with 0.96" OLED display & rotary switch is a revolutionary product for Amiga enthusiasts. This system allows users to access floppy disk images via USB, making it a valuable addition to any Amiga setup. It's easy to fit and comes with colour-coded cables for easy installation. The 0.96" OLED display and rotary encoder make selecting and navigating through disk images a breeze. With its sleek design and advanced features, the Amiga Gotek with 0.96" OLED Display & Rotary is the perfect accessory for any Amiga enthusiast.


The drive comes pre-fitted to a 3D printed mount (Choose from A500, A600 or A1200) that fits directly inside your Amiga without damage to your Amiga case.


* The breakout box sits on top of the case.  You will need to gently push the wires in-through the slots in the case.

* Abslolutely no soldering is needed.

* Drive is tested during the build.
* Colour-coded cables, for easy connection, just push together.  
* Simple fitting guide included


Forget unreliable floppy disks and decrease load times and increase your retro-enjoyment.


- Replaces your existing internal Amiga floppy drive.

- Easy to follow fitting Instructions
- No need to trim or modify your Amiga's case.

- Includes USB flash-drive (ready to go!)


What's Included:
  - Preconfigured Gotek controller board

  - Breakout box with Rotary Encoder
  - Custom Amiga firmware, plug and play for Amiga 500/600/1200 as DF0:
  - Larger 128 x 64 pixel 0.96" External OLED Screen (indicates disk image to be loaded)
  - LEDs to Indicate disk access
  - High quality 3D printed internal mount
  - High quality 3D printed external display mount
  - All required wiring, mounting screws & pegs

  - USB flash-drive & bonus ADF DVD

  - Amiga branded pen
  - Installation instructions & simple Gotek user guide


Simply add your own .ADF files to the USB | Your favourite demos, games and software!


** Cradle design may differ slightly from that shown to ensure it is compatible with either the A500. A600 or A1200.

Sleek Amiga Gotek with 0.96" OLED Display & Rotary

  • - Free Printed Installation Instructions and a Gotek user-guide

    - Free Vinyl contour-cut GOTEK Sticker

    - Free DVD-ROM containing 1600 public-domain ADF games to get you started.

    - Free USB flash-drive, Configured and ready to use.

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