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A true classic for the C64 -  100% genuine original realease from late 80's.


About this game:

Armalyte is a shoot'em'up similar to Katakis or Salamander. Extra weapons appear in the shape of "Pods", which change to different extras one after the other when shooting at them. The “more valuable” extras appear only at last.


Armalyte C64 stands out by an unconventional super shot, which is activated by a long press on the fire button – as in other games – but can take one of three selectable shapes (single shot which can go through strong walls – helpful in only few situations, expanded shot, continuous shot) and draws its energy from "batteries", which have to be reloaded but can be upgraded as extra.


Difficult situations create less frustration in Armalyte than in other shoot'em ups, as the game continues seamlessly without being set back to a checkpoint or losing equipment. With a satellite (always there in the single player mode) hostile shots can be absorbed but it has no effect on the enemies.


The satellite can be disconnected and then stays stationary, otherwise it stays away a short distance from the ship in the opposite direction of the last movements ship (by moving the ship shortly up, the satellite moves below the ship).


Developed by Cyberdyne

Music by martin Walker


- Complete: Yes

- Condition: 8.9/10

- Tested: Yes

- Sold as shown



Original Commodore 64 / 128

Armalyte [Delta II] for C64 (Cassette) by Thalamus

PriceFrom £20.00