Amiga re-cap re-capping caps service UK

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What is recapping?

As your Amiga ages the capacitors are be prone to leaking over time, remember these are 20 plus years old so it’s a good preventative measure to replace the capacitors as should they leak they can eat through the copper circuitry and cause either permanent damage or an expensive repair job.


So what issues could be seen in the future if your Amiga is not recapped?

• Sound problems

• Random rebooting

• Guru Errors


Ordering our re-capping service is easy.

1. Click 'Add to Cart'.

​2. Make your payment using credit or debit card.

​3. Check your email inbox for details and instructions on how to package your machine and where to send it. (UK Mainland)

​4. Send your working machine or just the working motherboard to us with your name/address & receipt details.

​5. Sit back and wait a little while and you should receive your newly re-capped Amiga back from our workshop.


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Feel free to email questions, we'll try and reply within 24 hours.

Amiga Re-capping Service [A500, A600 or A1200]

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  • We reserve the right to refuse a job if we feel the buyer is taking the mick.

    UK Mainland service only at this time.

    This is not a repair service.

    Can only be done is there has been no attempt to replace the capacitors previously.

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