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A slimline easy-fit Amiga Gotek USB bracket with breakout FlashFloppy OLED Display


- Suitable for A600 & A1200 (A500 Version also available)

- Easy to fit!

- Printed Guide Included

- For use with the 0.91" OLED display

- No need to cut the Amiga computer case,

- Buttons and USB port can be accessed and used easily.

- Original disk drive button port is covered (so no hole is shown)


Each design slightly differs and comes with all the brackets and clips you may need for the model you order.


Comes with all the plastic-pieces needed (plus some you may not use), But you'll need your own Gotek & OLED display etc.  Purchasing this bracket does not come with tech-support for fitting your actual Gotek drive, Some technical ability will be required for that.


*Colour of bracket may differ from that shown.

Amiga 500/600/1200 Internal Gotek Bracket [choice]

PriceFrom £14.00
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