Amiga Gotek OLED & Rotary Box A500/A600/A1200


A choice of small, medium and large easy-access 'non-damage' OLED header display boxes with intergrated rotary encoder hole to allow you to fit your own Gotek equipment.


Large Amiga [0.91" 128x32] OLED display case that utilises a rotary encoder.

Mounts to top grill on the rear of the Amiga 500,A600 and A1200. The wires can simply be pushed through to your internal Gotek drive.

Medium Amiga [128x64 0.96"] OLED display case utilising a rotary encoder.

A neat relatively compact design. Mounts to the grill on the Amiga and wires to your internal Gotek can be pushed through the grill on your Amiga with little or no damage to the machine.


Small Slimline Amiga [128x32 0.91"] OLED display case utilising a rotary encoder.

Mounts to grill on the Amiga 500/500+/600/1200. You can you this inconjunction with your Gotek drive by pushing the wires through the grill and connecting them to your Gotek.


A neat and compact solution but does require trimming down of the rotary connectors and keeping all solder and wiring to the smallest you can.



These 3D printed items do not come with tech support for fitting, setting up or connecting your Gotek drive, OLED or rotary switch to your Amiga.


What's included:

- 3D printed case

- Printed tips/diagram/help page.


What's not included:

Gotek, OLED display, rotary switch or any electrical tech.

Amiga Gotek OLED Display & Rotary Box (A500/A600/A1200)

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