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A Superb "Ready to Go" Upgraded Amiga CD32 for sale with TerribleFire 330 50mhz Accelerator, 64mb ram, 64GB WHDload installed Compact-Flash drive and much more!


We have available this super enhanced Amiga CD32 for sale with a 50mhz 68030 Accelerator, 64mb ram and a massive 64gb hard-drive crammed with games, mega-demos and utilities. Boots up straight away into workbench (with CD-ROM access) unless you put a bootable CD32 game in the drive, and then it'll boot that!


iGames installed, which makes finding games super EASY!!!! Just start typing the names and it finds them, then just double-click.


This Amiga CD32 Bundle Includes:

 - CD32 Console (PAL) with RGB video output for enhanced picture quality!

 - Terrible Fire TF330 (Upgraded 030 processor, 50Mhz processor)

 - 64mb fast ram

 - 64gb Hard drive (ready 2 go!) with 1000's of WHDload games!

 - New CD32 Power-supply

 - Genuine Amiga CD32 Controller (repaired and taped)

 - USB Amiga compatible Mouse

 - PS/2 Keyboard and CD32 Adapter (TF330 Keyboard port disabled)

 - CD32 Designer extra-thick rubber mouse-mat

 - 10 FREE CD32 Game & Utility Compilation CD-R's


Possibly the ultimate Amiga CD games machine! All thoroughly tested and working a dream!


* You'll possibly also need an Amiga to Scart video cable.

* Power Supply comes supplied with suitable plug for your country.

Amiga CD32 with TF330 64mb ram & 64GB CF

Out of Stock
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