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Recapped Amiga 1200 with 8mb ram expansion card, 32GB Compact Flash Internal drive and extras!  PLUG'N PLAY SYSTEM


Get your hands on the classic Amiga A1200 retro computer, fully loaded with 8MB of RAM and OS3.9 Operating System installed on a 32GB CF card.  With a wide assortment of games and software already pre-installed, you'll be able to start enjoying the full Amiga experience right away. Whether you're a long-time fan of the Amiga series or a newcomer to retro computing, this A1200 is sure to provide endless hours of fun and nostalgia.

* Lovely clean looking amiga 1200

* Nice, Bright and Clean

* Tested with included CF Hard Drive, crammed with games and applications.


* UK Pal spec Amiga A1200 (clean example)

* Kickstart 3.1

* 8MB ram card, switchable to 4MB

* 32GB Pre-Configured Hard drive with OS3.9, WHDload and extras.

* 3D printed vented trapdoor Cover

* Internal 3.5" Floppy Drive Ready to Go!

* Amiga Mouse (free)

* Power Supply Unit^


* You may need a Scart RGB video cable

* Don't forget a Joystick


^ Free Original Commodore Power-Supply with UK, European & Australian orders unless a new PSU is ordered.


Brand New AMIGA Power Supply for UK, Europe, Australia and USA available here.

Amiga A1200 (8mb ram - 32GB OS3.9 CF)

£820.00 Regular Price
£699.00Sale Price
  • This machine is fully tested whilst building and before despatch.


    * Cables.. tested
    * All Ports.. tested
    * Keyboard.. tested
    * Sound.. tested

    * Pcmcia.. tested
    * Power Supply.. tested
    * Joystick.. tested

    * Mouse tested

    * Extras.. tested

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