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Recapped Amiga A1200 with 128mb 68030 Accelerator Card, 16GB Compact Flash drive, Gotek with Rotary & OLED Display and extras!  PLUG'N PLAY SYSTEM


An Amiga A1200 128mb 68030 System with Gotek - a classic Commodore Amiga in very good condition. This system comes equipped with 128mb of memory and a 68030 processor, offering increased performance for your favourite Amiga games and software. It also includes an internal Gotek drive, allowing easy access to a wide range of floppy disk images. The compact flash drive provides convenient storage for all your digital files, with a conveniently positioned port to the rear you can swap it out for alternative operating systems with easy. Whether you're a seasoned Amiga enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of retro computing, this system is sure to impress with its speed, storage capacity, and reliability.

* Lovely clean looking Amiga A1200

* Nice, Bright and Clean

* Tested with included CF Hard Drive, crammed with games and applications.


* UK Pal spec Amiga A1200 (recapped)

* Kickstart 3.1

* 128MB ram card, switchable to 4MB

* 16GB Pre-Configured Hard drive with OS3.9, WHDload and extras. *Easy Access!

* Internal Gotek drive, OLED display and rotary knob

* USB Flashdrive for the Gotek

* 3D printed vented trapdoor Cover

* Internal 3.5" Floppy Drive Ready to Go!

* Amiga Mouse (free)

* Power Supply Unit^


* You may need a Scart RGB video cable

* Don't forget a Joystick


^ Free Original Commodore Power-Supply with UK, European & Australian orders unless a new PSU is ordered.


Brand New AMIGA Power Supply for UK, Europe, Australia and USA available here.

Amiga A1200 128mb 68030 System with Gotek

£985.00 Regular Price
£885.00Sale Price
Out of Stock
  • This machine is fully tested whilst building and before despatch.


    * Cables.. tested
    * All Ports.. tested
    * Keyboard.. tested
    * Sound.. tested

    * Pcmcia.. tested
    * Power Supply.. tested
    * Joystick.. tested

    * Mouse tested

    * Extras.. tested

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