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Increase your Commodore Amiga 600's available memory to any of these configurations:


* 4MB (Fast)

* 8MB (Fast)

* 5.5MB (4MB Fast + 1.5MB Slow)

* 9.5MB (8MB Fast + 1.5MB Slow)

Configurable via onboard jumpers.


Superb quality FAST RAM Memory Expansion for Amiga 600. 


With the extra onboard ram it is ideal for WHDLoad and basic system operations. It will also speed up your A600.


It does not block the PCMCIA port allowing transferring the data and using network cards and PCMCIA adapters when set to 5.5MB mode.
This will give the Commodore Amiga 600 computer more memory which is useful for WHDLOAD installed games and most programs such as Deluxe Paint, Directory Opus etc.
 - FastRAM to boost total memory up to a total of 11.5MB [Can be used in conjunction with trapdoor Chip RAM expansion to bring A600 up to 11.5MB (1MB onboard Chip, 1MB expansion Chip, 8MB Fast and onboard 1.5MB Slow)


- PCMCIA friendly in 5.5MB mode

 - Memory auto configures with no drivers required

- Speeds up your A600
- Quickstart guide included
- Plug & play design


The location of the Fast Ram expansion covers one corner of the internal metal HDD caddy location, so it's only suitable for use without the harddrive caddy fitted.


* Board design may differ from that shown.

Amiga A600 [4mb-9.5mb] Fastram Memory Expansion

  • Designed by SukkoPera based on work of Kipper2K. Original design by lvd/NedoPC. Distributed under CERN OHL v. 1.2 license.

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