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Stunning 'unique' Custom sprayed two-tone Amiga 1200 and an Apollo Vampire 1200 II  Fitted with 68080 processor, 128mb ram, Gotek, Free Compact Flash running Coffin r58 and more!

Equivalent to a 68030 running at 1GHz, a 68040 running at 500MHz and a  68060 running at 250MHz!


Customised Amiga 1200 for sales with Vampire V1200 v2 Accelerator




This is a very clean desirable two-tone, Vampire Red and Black case which has been re-capped and heavily upgraded. The case has a super eye-catching finish, professionally sprayed and sealed. It goes well with the Vampire card and the overall performance of this amazing Amiga A1200.


This A1200 comes with a genuine Vampire V1200 II accelerator card which gives the unit a massive 128mb of fast ram, SD card storage, Internal Gotek drive, HDMI output as well as super-faster IDE hard drive. In addition to the this the vampire has a 68080 processor which is blisteringly fast making this Amiga the most powerful "true Amiga" available.


As with other Vampire cards for Classic Amiga systems, this includes the 68080 CPU which runs at the equivalent of a 68060 at 250Mhz(!), 128MB fast memory, a MicroSD slot for additional file storage, hardware accelerated video playback and HDMI output for the included SAGA RTG graphics chip support to achieve an Amiga Workbench 720p/1080p video output as well as the Amiga's RGB output for games.


DUAL SCREEN OUTPUT (RGB for Games and HDMI for Workbench and Productivity)

You can use two separate screens at the same time!  HDMI output for HD Workbench and the Amiga's normal RGB port for WHDload or ADF games!


The CF (Harddrive) is packed with practically every game and popular piece of creative software made for the Amiga platform. This is an amazing machine and will make someone very very happy and eveyone envious.


* UK PAL spec Amiga A1200

* Recapped 2022

* Internal Gotek Drive with oled display (includes USB flashdrive)

* Dual Video Output

* Kickstart 3.1 roms

* 68080 Vampire V1200 2 Expansion with 128mb Ram

* Running Coffin r58 OS (supplied free)

* 100% code compatible with Motorola 68K processors

* SD Card reader with 16gb SD card

* Free 32GB Pre-Configured Hard drive with WHDload, productivity software  and extras. Ready to Go!

* HDMI output (upto 1920×1080@24Hz)

* Amiga Mouse (free)

* Vampire Badge

* Power Supply Unit^

* HDMI Video cable

* Optional Scart RGB video cable


Do you also need a Joystick?

Do you also need a Scart Video Cable?

Fully Tested...
We thoroughly test the machine whilst building and before despatch.

* Machine.. tested

* IDE Port.. tested

* Drives.. tested

* Expansions.. tested

* Compact Flash.. tested

* Cables.. tested
* All Ports.. tested
* Keyboard.. tested
* Sound.. tested

* RGB Output.. tested
* Ram.. tested
* Power Supply.. tested
* Joystick/Mouse.. tested
* PCMCIA.. tested
* Extras.. tested

* HD output.. tested

* SD Reader.. tested


^ Free Commodore Power-Supply with UK, European & Australian orders.  (230v)

Recommended brand new power-supply for UK, Europe, Australia and USA available here.

Customised Amiga 1200 with Vampire V1200 II Accelerator

Out of Stock
  • It's connected to the trapdoor expansion slot of the Amiga 1200. Powered by the Apollo Core 68080 which is 100% code compatible with Motorola 68K processors, it is currently up to four times faster than the fastest Motorola 68060.



    • Altera Cyclone III
    • Apollo 68080 equivalent to 68030 1GHz / 68040 500MHz / 68060 250MHz
    • Multiple CPU configuration options (68020/68030/68040)
    • 153.71 MIPS / 81.67 MFLOPS / 147255 Dhrystones with SysInfo
    • 128 MB FastRAM
    • SAGA Core Chipset through HDMI.
    • Video modes up to 1280×720@60Hz, 1920×1080@24Hz
    • Color depths of 8, 15/16, 24, 32 bits per pixel
    • Hardware-accelerated video playback



    • 44-pin Fast IDE Interface (up to 14 MB/s data transfer speed)
    • JTAG Socket
    • Ethernet Module Connector
    • Expansion Socket
    • Digital Video Out (HDMI)
    • Colour depths of 8, 15/16, 24, 32 bits per pixel
    • MicroSD Card

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