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AIWA ACD-300 External SCSI CD-ROM Drive Unit - Suitable for use with Amiga and other SCSI enabled devices.


The Aiwa ACD-300 is a rare and exceptionally stylish 1994 scsi device.


The LCD shows you track details etc.. It comes complete in it's box with user-guide and with a UK power-cable. To use on the Amiga, you will need a PCMCIA Squirrel Adaptor for this drive.


* Can be used anywhere with a 100v-240v power-cable (aka kettle lead)

* Boxed weight is circa 3.5kg

* Cleaned & Tested with Amiga 1200

* Suitable for use on Amiga A600 and Amiga A1200.

AIWA ACD-300 External SCSI CD-ROM Drive

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