Amiga CD - AGA Experience 3D Box


Massive Amiga Public Domain Collection from NFA/SAdENESS Software. This classic collection is reproduced on a Amiga CD-R disc and supplied in a CD sleeve.


From Volume 2, most content is READY-TO-RUN straight from the CD. There is no need to spend ages extracting disks. Well over 500mb of ready-to-run hot utilities, diskmags, text files, demos, games and much more. Only those titles which NEED to be compressed have been, these include Demos and slideshows which have to be stored in DMS format. Extracting these is as simple as double-clicking an icon in Workbench.


AMIGA. If you own an AGA Amiga, or own a Graphics card - this is the CD for you!!! This is the first (well, second really) CD dedicated to A1200/A4000 owners, and features the very best AGA-only software. If you don't have a CD drive on your Amiga, you'll need one of our transfer kits such as: PCMCIA Compact Flash Kit or Parallel Transfer Kit


Package Includes:

Printed CD-ROM in CD sleeve, Optional Boxed Case

AGA Experience Collection - Volume 1-3 Toolkit [Amiga CD]

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