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Custom made by cece-mods, Commodore 64 (Breadbin/Breadbox models) Multi ROM board.

There are 8 Kernal ROM's programmed which can be easily selected by using the rotary

The multi ROM adapter has gold plated rounded pins for better electrical
connection and easier fitment.


* This is a replacement for the MOS 901227 ROM (2364)

* This is designed to replace the original C64 kernal ROM chip which needs
to be in an IC socket. 


Genral Rotary Switch Settings:

0 - Original Kernal [901227-03]
1 - 64er v1
2 - DeadTest (781220)
3 - DolphinDos 2.0
4 - MemoStar
5 - SD2IEC22 2.2
6 - SX-64 2.0 Original Kernal
7 - TurboDos 3.0


** This device is not compatible with the C64C (MKII) as it uses a 16k ROM)

Please take care to insert the adapter to the correct orientation.

Pin 1 top left, Pin 24 top right. (Marked on the PCB). You'll risk damage to the adapter and your Commodore 64 if its not inserted correctly.

8 in 1 Kernal ROM Replacement for C64


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