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Bright Yellow 3.5 inch Blank Floppy Disks Brand New Stock of either : one, two, three, five, ten or fifty!


Primarily marketed to Amiga owners (as that's what we do) but suitable for any computer with a 3.5" floppy drive. Our blank disks are certified error free when we format them for you ensuring a reliable media.


- New Stock

- Choice of Quantity

- Unformatted or Amiga formatted (You choose)


Suitable for use with:

- Classic Amiga's

- Atari ST /  Mega ST

- Apple Mac

- Acorn Archimedes

- PC Compatibles

- Music Equipment

- and more.


High Density Disks (DSHD) are fully compatible with Atari ST & Amiga, but will act like Double Density DSDD Disks and hold 720k/880k respectively.


Floppy disks are often coded: SDDD, DSHD, MF-2HD, DS HD, DS DD, 2HD, MF-2DD

3.5" Blank Disks (Yellow)

PriceFrom £2.00
Out of Stock

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