17bit Software PD Collection Angled 3D DVD-ROM


Massive Amiga Public Domain Collection from one of the best PD libraries of the time. This classic collection is reproduced on a massive DVD disc and supplied in a CD sleeve or DVD packaging.


Remember the 17 Bit Software Public Domain Library, containing over 4000 public domain disks for the Commodore Amiga? This is the entire collection of the 17 Bit Software on one massive DVD-ROM. Every original DMS files have been converted from DMS into ADF files so these can be used on any Amiga Emulator and any real Amiga fitted with a Gotek Drive or by using ADF2Disk.

This DVD contains mainly the whole collection of the original collection of Public Domain CD-ROMS that 17 Bit Software created.

Contains - Demos, Games, Education, Word Processors, Utilities, Applications, Graphics, Music, in fact everything you ever could want for your Commodore Amiga.


AMIGA: If you don't have a CD drive on your Amiga, you'll need one of our transfer kits such as: PCMCIA Compact Flash Kit or Parallel Transfer Kit or you can use this collection with an Amiga Emulator on your PC.


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Package Includes:

Printed DVD-ROM in CD sleeve or DVD Case.

17Bit Software ADF Collection for Amiga Emulator [DVD-ROM]

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