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Service Update: Due to the number of repairs we are currently dealing with, a diagnosis of your machine may take around 14 days depending on the model of your Amiga.


Our Amiga Diagnostic and Repair Service provides comprehensive diagnosis and repair of all classic Amiga computers. Our experienced technician will accurately diagnose your Amiga to identify the issue and provide the necessary repair after consulting you. We provide fast, reliable service and will have your Amiga running and ready to go in no time. We're available to answer any questions you may have. Let us help you get your Amiga up and running again


You are quite likely looking for a reliable, knowledgeable Amiga repair service.


We'll diagnose any issues your Amiga has and we'll make it clear on the associated costs involved in repairing your Amiga.

Ordering our repair service is easy.


This is what we'll do within the initial cost:

 - Diagnose any issues with your Amiga
 ​- Repair to Dry Joints

 - Essential Capacitor Replacement

 - Fix Colour Issues

 - Other Minor Fixes


This may well be enough to get your Amiga back in working order.


How to Order our Diagnostic Service:

1. Click 'Add to Cart'.

​2. Make your payment using credit or debit card.

​3. Check your email inbox for details and instructions on how to package your machine and where to send it. (UK Mainland)

​4. Send your machine to us with your name/address & receipt/order-ID.

5. You'll receive email updates about the service/repair of your machine.

​6. Sit back and wait a little while and you should receive your working Amiga back from our workshop in due-course.


* More information

^ Cleaning is to the best we can, we simply cannot perform miracles.

^ Diagnisis of issues, approx 10 days

^ Repair time varies between models of Amiga, please allow 14 days average. 

Amiga Diagnostics & Repair Service

  • We reserve the right to refuse a job if we feel the buyer is taking the mick.


    Focused on UK Mainland service.


    We endevour to manually clean your case and keyboard to the best we can, but there is no guarantee that stains like/caused by tabacco can be removed.




    Generally, No Visitors or drop-off's at this time.

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