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Upgrade your Gotek with the largest oled available at the moment, Produced by our good friends at Amiga Spririt.


Our Extra-Large Amiga Gotek Breakout Box with Oled & Rotary is an amazing device for Commodore Amiga fans. It features an extra large OLED display for easy viewing, and a rotary encoder for easier control, making it ideal for those with hard of sight or anyone looking to customise their Amiga. It is the must-have accessory for any Amiga fan, allowing them to easily access their favourite games and software from USB (Gotek required). With its modern design and advanced features, this breakout box is the perfect addition to any Amiga setup.


 - A massive 2.42" OLED screen.

 - Non Destructive Design

 - DuPont Wires Supplied

 - New Extra Strong fitting legs

 - Suitable for Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200

 - Built-in Rotary Encoder 

 - 60 x 30mm screen approx

 - FF.cfg emailed

 - Wiring Diagrams emailed


*Because there are so many different layouts of the Gotek board, You're welcome to email us a photo of your Gotek (flat on) and we'll ensure you get the correct wiring diagram.


Not got a Gotek? You'll require one, available separately here.

XL Amiga Gotek Breakout Box 2.42" Oled & Rotary

PriceFrom £40.00
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  • To power this beast you will need a powerful / modern  Amiga power-supply. The original lightweight Amiga PSU's will most likely not be powerful enough.


    We'll include a simple fitting guide, but this is reletively easy to fit, although a knowledge of adding an oled screen to your Gotek is an advantage. Use the back of a small flat-screwdriver to open up the vents and the DuPont ends will pass through, A500 users may require a little more effort.

    A500 USERS: This design will not fit your case perfectly as it is made for the A600 & A1200.


    A special ff.cfg is required to make the extra-large 2.2" oled screen run., we can email this to you.

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