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A true under-rated Commodore 64 game featuring awesome music by Rob Hubbard.


About this game:

War hawk is a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up for single player mode only. The ship is controlled with a joystick in port 2. With SPACE the game is paused. You navigate the spaceship Warhawk into various asteroid belts inhabited by enemy space bases. There is no proper story, but a shooter does not necessarily need one, anyway.


The objective is to destroy the aforesaid bases as completely as possible. If you succeed in doing so, you are awarded a "TOTAL BASE DESTRUCT BONUS" at the end of each level. Enemy space ships, meteorites and so-called space mines do their worst to prevent you from completing you mission.


Meteorites cannot be destroyed, but remain intact even after ramming them, so they cause a lot of damage to your ship and should be avoided. You only have one single ship and cannot gain any extra lives. But as a compensation for this, the ship has got a shield which is recovering at the end of each level. Besides the already mentioned "total destruct bonus", there are further bonuses for shield energy you did not waste during a level and for the completion (survival) of a level. 


The only upgrade consists of a diamond-shaped object appearing after shooting a face-like enemy sprite. The upgrade is activated by contact, but is destroyed when you shoot at it. It provides extra speed and auto fire of limited duration. In the 'normal' version, the final fight of a level is against a squadron of kamikaze enemies. In the alternative Version, there is a boss enemy awaiting you at the end of each level.


Developed by Michael Ware

Published by Firebird

Music by Rob Hubbard


- Complete: Yes

- Condition: 8/10

- Tested: Yes

- Sold as shown



Original Commodore 64 / 128

Warhawk 'Shoot'em up' for C64 (Cassette) by Firebird


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