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Set of 2 Atari-CX78-7800 controllers.


Two joypad controllers (CX78) originally for the Atari 7800 video game console. The 7800 was originally released with a joystick-style controller, and Atari later introduced this joypad-style controller. This controller would later become the standard pack-in controller for the European version of the Atari 7800.


These eye-catching game-pads work on vintage Atari's, Amiga's and Commodore 64's


The package includes:

- 2 x Vintage Atari Branded Gamepads - Amiga | C64 | Atari

Vintage Atari Branded Gamepads - Amiga | C64 | Atari

Out of Stock
  • Clean, Tested & Working.

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