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One very unique Amiga 600 for Sale.

We've Cleaned, Primed, Sprayed and Sealed this stunning Amiga 600


- Unique eye-catching Pink & Black Commodore A600

- UK Specification PAL machine
- 400mb Internal Hard drive (reset 'ctrl Amiga Amiga' to boot Hard disk)

- Additional 1mb Memory expansion (2mb total)

- Includes Amiga mouse

- Optional UK Power supply for A600
- Optional Amiga to AV TV cable (3 RCA / Scart) for better quality picture.

- Optional Joysticks

- Optional PCMICA File Transfer Kit (transfer ADF's and other files from your PC to your Amiga, Includes PCMCIA Adaptor, Software and Compact Flash Card *Capacity may vary)


Fully Tested...
We test the machine fully before despatch and whilst building.

* Cables.. tested
* All Ports.. tested
* Keyboard.. tested
* Sound.. tested
* Power Supply.. tested
* Joystick.. tested

* Extras.. tested

Unique Amiga 600 (two tone) Pink & Black

PriceFrom £200.00
Out of Stock
  • Classic Amiga

    Cleaned, Primed, Sprayed & Sealed

    Stunning Metallic Finish

    PAL Specification Machine

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