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Introducing the Ultimate64 Elite - a modern retake of the beloved Commodore 64. This advanced piece of technology boasts an array of features including an FPGA-based C64 core, 1541 floppy disk emulation, and HDMI output for crisp, clear visuals. Navigating through the Ultimate64 Elite is a breeze with its user-friendly interface and sleek design. Whether you're a vintage computing enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of retro gaming, the Ultimate64 Elite is the perfect choice for experiencing the nostalgia of the Commodore 64 with all the benefits of modern technology. Upgrade your vintage computing collection with the Ultimate64 Elite today!


This Breadbin-coloured case fits the Ultimate64 Elite motherboard perfectly, Crafted with high-quality materials, this replacement case is in superb condition, promising durability and longevity.


The Ultimate64 mainboard has been developed by Gideon. This sleek and modern system features USB connectivity for easy access to your favourite games and programs. The HDMI output allows you to enjoy all the classic graphics and gameplay on your modern TV or monitor. With dual SID sound chips, you'll experience enhanced audio quality in many software applications.


Can load:





.  TAP

and more!!


Mainboard produced by Gideon's Logic


 - Boxed Ultimate64 Computer

 - Updated to Latest Firmware

 - Remolded C64C case (Immaculate)

 - Virtually Mint Keyboard

 - 16mb Ram

 - Dual SID (2 Geniune SIDs Included)

 - USB connectivity

 - HDMI and Video Out (run two screens!)

 - 8GB USB Flashdrive (Ready to Go!)

 - Run games up to 48Mhz (super smooth 3D games)

 - 12V PSU included (UK Plug)

 - HDMI Cable included

 - Online Documentation

Ultimate64 Elite | The Ultimate C64

Out of Stock
  • ON/OFF = Hold Power Button

    ULTIMATE64 MENU = Tap the Power Button

    F3 = Help

    Full Documentation Here


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