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Commodore 64 The Final Cartridge III+ Fully Loaded with Utilities & Applications! 

The final cartridge III features all the essential tools you need for yoru Commodore 64.


The main features are:
1. GUI - Graphical WIMP Desktop
2. Disk and tape turbo - speed up the loading process
3. Extension to the Commodore Basic
4. Freezer - save/load


Redesigned by efrog5 & his team, The Final Cartridge III+ adds over 60 new functions to your Commodore 64, and comes with a graphical interface with fast load and save.


It's supplied ready to go - The cartridge features a "reset" button and a "freeze" button, as well as a LED that indicated whether or not the module was active.


TFC3+ is an enhanced version of the popular The Final Cartridge freezer and fast load cartridge. The combination FC3+ and SD2IEC complement each other perfectly.

Improvements versus the original cartridge are that all menus are now compatible with sd2iec and a collection of tools has been integrated into the cartridge.
The following tools are now also included in the menu:


  • 15sec. Format
  • 1541 Alps Test
  • 64 Doctor
  • Cassette Azimuth
  • Copy 190
  • Copy Q V2.0
  • Dir Master
  • Disk Doctor
  • Disk Wizard
  • Fast File Copy
  • Logo Editor
  • Menu Maker
  • Monitor Test
  • No Blocks Boot
  • Simons Basic
  • Super Spriter
  • Turbo 250


- Cartridge case colour may differ.

- Thanks to sharewareplus and others for a superb product

The Final Cartridge III+ [TFC III+] Commodore 64 Cartridge



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