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Suitable for use on A500 MINI, WINUAE & REAL AMIGA'S


Over 2,500 classic Amiga WHDLoad 'homebrew' games as .lha files - perfect for the Amiga collector.


We've spent months compiling, testing and ensuring these can be added to your new A500Mini as easy as possible.... Just Drag'n Drop them onto a USB Flashdrive, plug into your A500 MINI and select the USB icon, that's basically it!


These WHDLoad Amiga games can be used with Amiga emulators like FS-UAE, WinUAE or under RetroArch (using the FS-UAE core).


They are also compatible with the new Amiga 500 Mini by Retro Games Ltd, so having this collection on hand would be a real time-saver for sure!


- 2500+ classic PD games ready to go!

- Includes eye-catching DVD artwork, you can print yourself

- Includes Tutorial / Quickstart Guide

- Access to updates via internet-download


Play on your Amiga Emulator, your new A500 Mini or your real Amiga!


- Download link emailed to you within 24 hours.

(Includes dvd cover artwork for you to print yourself)


*Also Available on a ready-to-go 32GB USB

THE A500 MINI WHDload Games [Download]

  • It's best to only use a good quality branded USB stick like Kingston, Sandisk, PNY, Samsung etc. The A500 MINI does not always like the cheaper 'Chinese' ones.


    Because the A500Mini can only read 256 games per folder, some of the games may not show up (eg: games starting with S). You can simply move your favouite games into a FAVS folder and then they will show up on your A500Mini's menu.

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