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The Super Powerful 50mhz TF1260 Accelerator for Amiga A1200

Fully built and tested in the UK. Includes a massive 32GB SD card, adapter and IDE cable to allow booting from the A1200 motherboard IDE.


The standard A1200 IDE port can be used as normal without any modification with Kickstart 3.1 and above.


To use the TF1260's onboard IDE requires ehide.device to be loaded during your startup-sequence. You can also use custom ROMs which have the ehide.device included. The standard A1200 can be used with no modification. 


Includes the following :

- 50mhz "Motorola" 68060 CPU

- Black PCB in ENIG (gold) finish.

- 128MB Fast RAM.

- Genuine MC68LC060RC50 - Revision 4 CPU. - (LC has MMU but no integrated FPU)

- High quality PGA206 CPU socket.

- Quickstart User Guide.


More Technical Info.

* The Motorola CPU has been tested and is perfectly stable @ 50MHz.

* Firmware can be updated via JTAG using Raspberry Pi or Xilinx Platform Cable.

* 44pin IDE header on card.

* Kickstart 3.1 ROM or above required.

* Custom ROMs supported.

TF1260 Accelerator for Amiga A1200

  • In order to run any 68060 CPU on your Amiga 1200 the 68060 library files must be in the LIBS: folder..

    The supplied SD card is pre-configured with ehide.device loaded as resident to allow a separate CF/SD card to be be recognised when plugged into the accelerator.

    Should you need it, you can download ehide.device free from

  • Official Page:


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