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The Super-Value 50mhz TF1230 Accelerator for Amiga A1200 with 128MB ram!

Fully built and tested in the UK. Includes a massive 32GB SD/CF card, adapter and IDE cable to allow booting from the A1200 motherboard IDE connection.


The standard A1200 IDE port can be used as normal without any modification.

Requires a minimum of Kickstart 3.1


To use the TF1230's onboard IDE requires ehide.device to be loaded during your startup-sequence. You can also use custom ROMs which have the ehide.device included. A standard A1200 can be used with no modification or technical knowledge. 


Includes the following :

- 50mhz "Motorola" 68030 CPU

- Black PCB with Gold surface finish.

- 128MB Fast RAM.

- Genuine MC68030RC50C CPU

- High quality PGA128 CPU socket.

- 32GB CF/SD Card (Ready to Go!)

- Quickstart User Guide.


More Technical Info.

* The Motorola CPU has been tested and is perfectly stable at 50MHz.

* Firmware can be updated via JTAG using Raspberry Pi or Xilinx Platform Cable.

* 44pin IDE header on card.

* Kickstart 3.1 ROM or above required.

* Custom Kickstart ROMs supported.

* Either a 32GB CF or SD card Included

TF1230 Accelerator for Amiga A1200

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