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The TeensyROM now supports an NFC Loading System. Just tap an NFC tag / card on the reader to start any program!


The NFC loading system makes your TeensyROM enabled C64/128 into an NFC card fast launch machine!  This device requires a TeensyROM and Commodore 64/128.


This is a pre-built TapTo 'NFC-Engine' NFC reader, compatible with MiSTer and Commodore 64/128 (when used with the TeensyROM). This is a fully-built unique design NFC reader, just plug & play!


TeensyROM Software Setup
 - Be sure your TeensyROM is using Firmware version 0.5.12 or later for NFC reader support
 - Connect your NFC reader to the USB Host port of the TeensyROM.
    Alternately, a powered USB hub can by used. This allows the NFC reader, USB Thumb drive, and MIDI device(s) to be connected simultaneously.
 - Power up your C64/TeensyROM
 - In the TeensyROM Main Menu, select F8 to go to the Settings Menu
 - Select the letter next to "NFC Enabled" to set to "On"
 - A reboot is required for this to take effect. Either select "Re-boot TeensyROM" from the menu, or power-cycle the C64.
 - This setting stays persistent when the unit is powered down again.
   Recommend disabling this option when the reader isn't connected to prevent slow start-up.
   Not recommended for use while using Ethernet or MIDI applications due to increased latency.


NFC Tag Programming
 - Programming directly with the TeensyROM:
 - Using the TeensyROM menu, navigate to the file on SD or USB that you would like to create a tag for then...
 - Press the Left Arrow key to select it for tag writing.
 - Follow the on-screen instructions to load a tag and write to it.

   It's that easy!


What's Included:

 - NFC Reader/Writer

 - Connecting USB cable

 - NFC Card | Large quantities available.

TeensyROM NFC Loading System

Out of Stock
  • More Information about the NFC reader for TeensyROM can be found on the TeensyROM Github page:

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