TAPUINO C64 Slim Edition & Optional CloneMaster

TAPUINO Commodore 64 Digital Tape Device (Slimline Edition)
The Tapuino is a replacement device for your original C2N Datasette... So even the loading times are the same as if you were loding the original tape.

It allows you to load .TAP files directly from the on-board SD card reader (mounted just underneath the PCB)

It is designed to be a direct replacement for the original C2N, so it supports play/pause functions from the Commodore 64. Multi-Load games therefore work just perfectly.

Assembled in the UK, and fully tested!
This is the 'slim' version, which allows easy access to the serial port  so still allows you to use your 1541 disk drive etc.


Optional Extras:

SD card (pre-configured, ready to go)

Clone Master duplication device




This device that allows you to make potentially perfect backups of your original Commodore 64 tapes. 
It's simple to use, plug one tape deck into the PLAY port, and another into the
RECORD port.  press record on one then play on the other.

It also works with TAPUINO, so you can store or backup your your old
tapes to and from digital media.

TAPUINO C64 Slim Edition & Optional CloneMaster

PriceFrom £18.00